Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm the Man!

It's been a while since I've hunted and being around Linda and her family is starting to become unbearable. I wonder if I should try human food again? Hmm, let me think about that. Before I head out, I wanted to show you the gifts I gave to Linda. Now, you must be wondering why I would give her a jewelry box with Jacob on it, right? Well, I wanted her to know that I am the BIGGER man! And even though Jacob says "I will always be there for you ... I will never go away", he doesn't really mean it. BUT, I DO! With that, these are the gifts I put inside the jewelry box ...

My Cullen crest bracelet ...

And my heart necklace ...

Whenever Linda wears these special pieces, she'll know how much I care, and appreciate her. I'm off to hunt. Please come back for more of my excellent adventures.


  1. Wow! What beautiful pieces of unique jewelry. You da man!!!

  2. Double WoW! Edward is sooo romantic! Beautiful!

  3. Such a nice gift for Linda! :)

  4. PE,

    I hope you dont mind that I call you PE now. I think we know each other well enough to be on initial terms.

    You ARE the bigger person! If you notice, it seems that in the picture, that Jacob only exists from the chest up!

    The gifts are just lovely and Linda is such a lucky lady to have you in her life, The heart necklace with your name on it was such a nice gesture. I know how you prefer neck jewelry.

    Looking forward to more of your adventures!


  5. You have me in stitches! Settle down girl, and I'm glad you finally put away your "Jacob Christmas Tree" since that was showing how finicky you are LOL! Edward has excellent taste with all that beautiful jewelry he has bestowed upon lucky girl! I'm (Macadamia) nuts about you too! hehe! Love ya! Cami

  6. jajaja. I can see that you enjoy your edward action figure a lot.
    i love him to!