Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who's Bon Jovi?

I decided to go to work with my girl one day and when she started her computer up, whose picture shows up as her screen saver??? OMG, she's killing me! This was another phase she was going through (so she says) so I forgave her. I'm such a nice guy.

Anyhow, back in February, this group called BON JOVI came to the Islands. Linda really wanted to go to this concert, but I told her I couldn't take her because of all the humans that would be in the arena. It would've been way too tempting for me.

Well, Linda's friend Sherri had tickets to the concert and she showed them to me. I tried to steal them, but they were a little too big for me to carry.

Sherri said she would take me with her so I could at least get an autograph for Linda. But Linda didn't want me to go because she knew that as soon as Jon Bon Jovi hit the stage, Sherri would've thrown me to the wolves. Get it? Thrown to the wolves? Haha - I made a joke. Anyhoo, here's a picture of Sherri and I.

I hope to post more of my adventures soon. I'll be going on a trip in December with Linda and her sister, and I know we're going to take a ton of pictures. I guess I need to nag her to upload our pictures. Again.

All my love, PE.


  1. haha...the title threw me for a moment. Thought that you didn't know who Jon Bon Jovi was. Great adventure...can't wait to see the next one!!!

  2. Yum Yum Bon Jovi! Wonderful adventure...hehe

  3. hello jodie.
    great adventure

  4. OMG - just happened upon this site, it's hilarious. It reminds me of Spud's Travels (a man who travels the world with Mr Potato Head). Love it.

  5. Hahhahahahahaa! I actually saw your blog before I started blogging. DJ's husband showed it to me at work and I thought it was soooooo funny! LOL! Now I'm happy I get to follow it! :D PE, can you tell RE (real edward) to stop by my house?! I have a pint of blood here with his name written all over it! Eeeee!

  6. Edward is now with me. :) he told me to tell you hello:)